Vehicle Restoration

Non-abrasive blasting using either soda or crushed walnut shell is an environmentally friendly method of
removing paint in the restoration of classic vehicles, trucks and sensitive truck body areas that carry airlines
and wiring looms. Engine parts can be cleaned removing grease, paint and carbon build up. In fact, bicarb
soda turns to vapour once it reaches 70 degrees C which means no damage to sensitive engine

With an ever-increasing emphasis being placed on reducing chemical, solvent and water usage, non
abrasive blasting is an affordable and highly effective alternative to chemical cleaning and acid dipping.
As these medias don’t generate any heat and are output at low pressure, they are an extremely versatile
and environmentally friendly alternative.

It can be applied to many surfaces with only minimal or no damage caused to the surface.
Glass, chrome & wiring looms will not be damaged in this process.
Abrasive blasting (garnet, staurolite or recycled crushed glass) is used for the removal of rust from heavier
surfaces with minimal metal pitting. It is also perfect for removing powder coating and sound deadener.
There is no silica in the abrasive medias we use.

Non-Abrasive Services
This unique blasting service is beneficial for the removal of:
Paint, including lead based paints,
Some sound deadeners
Will not distort flat panels such as roofs, bonnets & boot lids

Abrasive Services
This unique blasting service is beneficial for the removal of:
Sound deadener
Powder coating

Bead Blasting Services
We have a bead blasting cabinet which is used for small car & motorbike parts. By using fine glass beads
we can remove all contaminate from alloys to restore them to as new polished condition.

FB door blasted with staurolite

Fibreglass caravan soda blasted to remove paint

GTR Torona blasted with staurolite

Jims Mowing trailer blast & paint

Kombi roof blast with staurolite

Torona bonnet soda blasted

Truck blast & paint

Ute chassis blast with staurolite

XA Ute recycled glass blast

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